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25NL 6max - Loose open utg QTs, cbet and 3bet flop, with "I qualify" nuts?

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  • 25NL 6max - Loose open utg QTs, cbet and 3bet flop, with "I qualify" nuts?

    Hi, an open discussion on this one,

    I'm thinking a loose open utg QTss and the action is, +1 and the sb calls.

    I c-bet flop KJ8ss, sb checks, +1 raised, I 3-bet flop what? A top royal nut + straight flush draw and any A or 9 non-spade may help.

    Then get shoved on and call to win the money out there. Standard play?

    1) Bad pre flop play
    2) Flop 3-bet shove, or better 3-bet sizing
    3) Snap call, or feel a bit sick in the tank and call

    So am I getting destroyed because I dug a hole and got lucky.

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    I'm not "qualified" to comment for this stake but I think preflop is a little loose but the flopplay is standard. You are only (slight) behind against tophands KK, JJ, 88, AA and I think those would have raises pre (except 88). All other hands are quite a big dog.

    So I like the hand. (what did he have?)
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      Ray - I can't really see villain slowplaying AA/KK preflop too often, so the only realistic value hands you're looking at here are JJ, 88 or KJ, and against that range you're 47.5% and including his higher flush draws doesn't change your equity at all.

      So I think you played this hand well, it's often better just to keep betting with these monster draws OOP position because a) it's harder to get paid off when you hit and b) if a brick turn comes, you might have to fold if villain puts a big bet in.


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        Thanks guys,

        Player 5 mucked [Jc,Jh]


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          Against JJ, 88, KJs we have 45% equity which means that if they ship on our cbet we breakeven with our call. What would suck however is we re-raise and they flat call and the turn comes a blank. Yuk! So we actually realize our equity by seeing both turn and river by getting all in OTF. I sometimes would just jam flop tbh We would lose to rake I think since we are breaking even but I think the loss there is less than the loss of folding. So yea definitely call the all in and maybe even rip it ourself OTF.



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