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Can I call the river?

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  • Can I call the river?

    Little info/stats on villain... Wouldnt the villain Bet the turn if they had a Queen?

    KJ,J8s+ are in villains range. AQ i would expect to see a 3 bet. Only 2 combos of AK remaining. one Combo of QJ. 66-TT?

    Did i make the proper play and keep it safe and fold..... or can i call here?

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    The way this was played… I would have called. Villain would have put you on small pair here or ace high (AK). By checking both the turn and river you look incredibly weak. I like the check OTT for pot control and when the board pairs, I really really like a second check. If we bet the river, we are kind of turning our hand into a bluff. The villain won't be calling with anything except for Jx, Qx and maybe Ax but when we check the river, we can expect the villain to bet all small pairs that are now counter fitted as well as AT, KT, T9 that floated our Cbet! CALL FOR SURE.

    Another line you could have taken would be bet, bet , bet where you can fold to a raise. B,B,B here would put a ton of pressure on Jx if they didn't raise us OTT. Just my opinion.

    Just noticed that we lose to BDF ATc, KTc, T9c but I think think that there's enough bluffs in his PF calling range that our hidden KK is beating. His river bet is also pretty big which makes me think that this is bluffy.

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      It looks like Qx not Jx, I would bet OTT to value bet Qx and bet OTR without Q, as played I think it's good fold OTR.


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        I would bet the turn for value from all Qx and a couple of draws. Checking against a player whose tendencies/ranges you don't know gets you into all kinds of tricky guessing game spots OOP and also misses out on potential value from worse when they potrcontrol too much with their weaker hands IP.

        As played I think folding river seems fine given the size he uses.
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