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5nl zoom TPTK vs x/r and shove

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  • 5nl zoom TPTK vs x/r and shove

    villain unknown got to be right 26% full houses don't make sense, 7x either, what do you put him on? OESD and GS? TP type hands? Would you call?

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    Personally, I would call here, I have seen villains take this kind of line with KQ/KJ/KT and even hands like QT.

    He limp/called, while it is possible we are behind, I think with TPTK we are ahead often enough to make the call.


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      I wouldn't call.

      Here are the hands that make sense: 99,AKs,K9s+,K7s,97s,K9o,K7o,97o. Not sure if the villain would limp, X/R the big Kx combos (KQs, KJs, KTs) but considering he limped pre and isn't sitting with a full stack, he's not a strong player to start off with. I think calling this shove would be -EV in the long run.

      Once you take out the big Kx combos 99 and AKs (all hands that you would assume he'd raise pre instead of limping) you're still way behind the limp range of hands that he's representing: K9s,K7s,97s,K9o,K7o,97o

      I would fold and wait for a better spot.


      • #4
        dayum I really forgot the K9


        • #5
          I think I take back my original post.

          I didn't note the size of the shove properly. I actually folded AK in a similar spot earlier, roughly the same SPR, so not sure why I said what I said in original post aside from not taking not of stack size.


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            well we have to call 1.70 to win around 5.20 so I think you have to call here just incase he is spazzing with 8T or a weaker king. Personally I would have checked this turn because villain stack is now quite shallow and if you bet I think you need to be prepared to call a shove, check minraises are usually quite strong he could easily have 77, 99, K9, 79 and possibly 8T as semi-bluff. He looks quite fishy limp-calling so I can also see him being dumb with random 7X, KX and 9X hands here. If he proceed to check river then I would have value bet it.


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              I would not fold given stacksizes and price/odds with TPTK. We are at the very top of our range here and villain can just be sticking it in with some worse top pairs or even draws like JT/T8 in hopes of representing the 7.
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