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T9s 6max 2nl

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  • T9s 6max 2nl

    Hey guys,

    I am very interested in your opinions about this hand :

    My plan was to get into the pot cheap, suck somebody in and re-evaluate post-flop.
    Pre-flop betting (given my position I guess a 2.5 bet would've been better, or even a 3bet).
    Now the guy to my left makes a good sized bet - indicating a good deal of strength, kind of what I was looking for but a bit high on odds for me as I am OOP.
    Ok, let's see a flop...
    Hmmm, scare card (at this point, in my mind he has TT+, AQs+), but his passive check indicates that the A is not much to his taste or he traps, also that Q looks nice over there for him, still he is passive)
    Oook, let's see which one is it ... and I min raise the goodish turn for me, he calls, at this point I am pretty positive about TT, JJ, QQ(not likely) or KK on his part. (I was pretty positive about him being a TAG and having this range)

    Now, I see a mistake for me going against that bet pre-flop OOP, but then again, I guess I could've scored a nice pot if I better hit. Regardless, with my number of outs on the turn (I count 12 - 3 Jacks (-1 the club jack) + 9 flush clubs - I am not counting any 9 or T as I am pretty sure at this point I am behind) - ok, would a shove been in order on the turn, or a pot sized bet ? (that is because I am committed to seeing a river - and if I hit my flush or straight I would extract best value)
    I play this kind of hands only from time to time, it's not a regular for me, or at least not OOP.

    So, what do you think ?

    Thanks and regards,
    Last edited by shoim; Tue Feb 25, 2014, 03:25 PM.

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    I have no problem opening suited connectors. But I would open with 3BB "as always" and call the raise.
    This is indeed not a hand you want to play from time to time, You should play this almost always...

    I think there are two ways to play suited connectors:
    1) the way you did: no hit, no action. passive
    Flop is really bad for your hand but he checks so we can see the turn. OTT you get lots of additional outs so I don't mind betting to build a pot in case we hit.
    OTR no hit, no glory and we get an free showdown as an extra.
    Playing this way is very passive and only make money if you hit big against a good hand. On the good side, you don't loose much if you don't hit.
    Shoving the turn would look "odd" against your passive line, and might not be believed by some hero's...and all monsters will call.

    Second way to play is: play it like you have a big hand.
    Flop is still bad, but it's also very scary for most hands. AK ,KK, JJ and below all hate this flop.
    I think you should bet/fold the flop repping an good A. Most holding will fold or just call. Second barrel the turn might get even more hands (like KK maybe and A-rag's) to fold and you actually have some out now. If they call, only procede if you hit.
    If you play this way a shove on the turn is much more believable and should work except monsters (AA, QQ, AQ, 88, NFD)
    Playing aggro like this will make you more money with suited connecters even when you don't hit big and even more money in case you do hit big aaginst a big hand. Downside, you loose more money if you don't hit and you should know when to fold...
    Last edited by rkleefstra; Tue Feb 25, 2014, 03:25 PM.


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      Hi shoim,

      I agree with rkleefstra. Preflop I would stick to a standard 3bb opening raise. You don't want to vary your raise size according to your hand strentgh because the will be very exploitable by better players. 109s is a good hand to open with from mp though.

      Once you get 3b, we need to reevaluate. My normal line is to avoid calling 3b out of position. 4b or folding is usually better. I would only call if other factors were in place such as a good read on the villain, deep stacks etc. Here none of these factors are in place and you are actually short stacked. Therefore, folding to the 3b would be your best line.

      As played, fit or fold is probably the safest approach against an unknown at 2NL. If you c-bet repping the A, most pocket pairs will call at least one street. So, you will normally need to barrel the flop and the turn which can work, but gets expensive in 3b pots.

      Betting the turn looks fine since it is easier to get called now before another club comes on the river.

      The main issue here is preflop, both your initial betsize and calling the 3b.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX


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        Hey, Thank you very much for the opinions guys. After this hand I had a similar situation, a bit later with another villain, with 67s vs AKo - the villain made KK on the flop, and in the end I made my straight, but that time I was in position, I flat called his 3bb, and from there on he made min raises on every street, allowing me to draw on him effectively and release the hammer on the river for all his chips umbup: . Lesson learned, thanks Cheers and regards o/



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