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5nl zoom facing a min3b and x/r OTF

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  • 5nl zoom facing a min3b and x/r OTF

    as simple as that villain unknown What is his range here? I'm guessing AA-KK that that he sizes small pf to not scare me off, still don't know why would he x/r flop. Would any flush draws do that? sets? will he have a wider range than that an if yes, based on what reads/stats can we make the call overpairs on the flop?

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    Unknowns do some crazy stuff I'm probably not folding to their flop x/r just yet atleast not to that sizing. We have an overpair which means we beat TP hands like AT and we are ahead of PPs that could possibly play their hand weirdly. Also we have the backdoor flush and more importantly we are IP. I'd call and see how they act on the turn.


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      and if they bet 3/4 ott? or 1/2?


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        We can call a small bet OTT but it also depends on the turn card, I think blanks are fine. I like to see the 5 of hearts because it makes sets more less likely. An Ace could be a problem if they bet. There are no 2pair hands in their range, but we lose to sets atm but that's just a small part of their range which we have 2 outs to beat. They could be x/r-ing with A3s, A4s, turning A2s into a bluff, all spade draws so shutting down with an overpair right now might be too tight.


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          Haha never folding.


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            Is there not an argument for checking back flop?
            If you identify his range as QQ+ due to the minrase pre, then checking back will allow you to pot control and see a free turn when you suspect his range is strong. If he has AK this does give him a shot at 8 outs but if you read his range to be as strong as you suggest then checking may be a good option.
            This may be a little passive and will miss value against TPTK type hands but if you are folding to a 3x x/r here maybe this is a better option for the short term?

            Just a suggestion, I accept I may be horribly wrong xD



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