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5nl should we 3 barrel light?

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  • 5nl should we 3 barrel light?

    29/22 3b 3.4 wtsd 17 73 hands otf I put him on smaller pockets, JJ, T9-TA, T8s, maybe some QJ ott TJ+, JJ, are there any Kx in his range there? can we expect him to fold those second pairs if we fire a third bet, is it worth it? And what about the turn, did I pick up correctly on the K being a good card to second barrel?

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    I think this might be one of those spots to turn our hand into a bluff. But, I too have alot of trouble in these sort of spots and lately I've been trying to analyze those situations for my own game. For that reason I'm going to keep this one open and look to see some more feedback so we can learn more

    For me, I feel that this has to be a 3 barrel or we need to check either flop or turn; Against good aggressive players I think this is a board that we will not get credit on. Hands like QJ, KQ might raise us here. AJ, AQ will float. PPs will always call and because we don't have position its such a tough spot. So against players that raise flops we can check flop instead maybe? Against floaters, we can bet flop, x/c turn, x/f rivers? Or go for 3 streets as a bluff to fold out better pocket pairs and weak one pair hands.

    Let's see what the others have to say


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      Hi guys,

      I do feel like this is a good spot to barrel. Villain's range is mostly mediocre strength pairs like JT-AT, and some stubborn pockets like 88. Obv he can sometimes be slowplaying TT or 44, but that's a very small part of his range (only 4 combos) and we don't have any tough decision if he raises the river, so I'm not concerned about it.

      The turn is a good card to barrel, since it can easily improve us but can't really improve the villain's flop calling range save for KT specifically.

      The key for me is the very small went to showdown. The sample size is very small as well at 73 total hands, but he's gotten involved in 21 of them, 16 of them as a raiser, and has only shown down 4 times. I suspect he's being aggro when in the lead or thinks he has the best hand, and isn't inclined to show down marginally. Which if true, would make this a decent spot for a 3rd barrel. I like a big bet here, like $1.25, personally.

      Also another thought... as played, his river bet is less than 1/3rd pot, it's a bet I see commonly made by 2nd pair trying to get thin value from even worse (like AT, targeting QT/JT/A9, assuming we would in fact barrel a K+, so the check means that we are either giving up or have very marginal showdown value). This could be a nice spot for a check-raise once we see this sizing. I think the villain can't rule out AA/AK/KK/TT/99 for us if we make a big check-raise (I would go to like $2), and he seems like a great target candidate to lay down AT facing one. I would prefer to barrel the river, but once we check his small bet sizing sort of opens this door I think.
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