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10NL 6 max Zoom with AA - alternative line taken pre-flop

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  • 10NL 6 max Zoom with AA - alternative line taken pre-flop

    So, I've decided to finish off the end of the month with some 10NL, and played a little session this morning. At 10NL, villains are sadly less willing to stack off with their random nonsense than their 2NL cousins, so because of the dynamic I felt (Dont have a lot of stats at 10NL yet) might play out here I wanted to play this a little differently. The hand played out a little different post-flop than what I was planning so it doesnt need any analysis at all. I just want to check if my plan for the hand was ok. Dealt AA UTG and make a standard raise, get a call and a reraise from a short stack, I decided to call instead of 4bet as I wanted to keep the other big stack in the hand. I am playing a little deeper with him and have him covered. If I take this line I know it might mean some difficult decisions post-flop including potentially folding the best hand sometimes. I flatted with the intention of letting the short stack go with his hand post-flop, as he should be stacking off fairly liberally here, I intended to just call, try and bring the other big stack along, with him either shoving to try and isolate, which I would call, or then committing on the turn in a big pot. Does this seem at all reasonable? I took it as an alternative line to my normal uber aggressive line, but I dont really consider it a slowplay as such, I just thought I would try and make some use of the shortstack in the hand. The big stack kind of ruined the plan but......

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    Three reasons why I'd 4bet: 1. the 3bet looks strong against UTG open + MP call so I expect them to get the money in a good amount of the time. 2. AA does not play well in a MW pot and more importantly 3. we are OOP to a deep stacker


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      So we are only ever playing this hand one way?


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        I say this is harder, because OOP. I think in position one could make an argument for flatting raise anyway. I think this line isnt bad, and yes, this is being results orientated, but i think unconventional is the way to go sometimes. Like few days ago i was playing tourney where i had maybe 25-30 BB stack and very aggro opener to my left, so i just open limp Aces and guess what, this guy raises, i 3bet, he 4bets, then i just flat and when he shoves flop i snap call and has no pair no draw. I mean vs specific villains you can do this and get creative with big pairs sometimes.


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          That's the thing, I openly accept that the way I planned to play this potentially makes it more difficult for myself, but I was willing to make the trade off between playing OOP and keeping both players in.

          The next 99 times I play the hand it will be a 4bet and likely stack off when shortie shoves.

          Guess I just got too inventive here.



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