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TPTK vs min raise

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  • TPTK vs min raise

    The villains are unknown so I that's why I called preflop. Better to call turn and check-fold river?

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    Hi, bet 0.30 OTF and get it all in on the turn. Your flop bet is less than 1/2 pot, this is way too small.

    Another way to play this hand would be to raise 0.30 preflop after a limp and a min raise infront or you. Calling is also fine. No matter what I am getting it in OTT against these small stacks.
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      With $1 behind, I agree with just sigh/shoving.


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        That preflop limp/call and turn min raise looks insanely strong. 55, 22, 65, 66. Given that we hold the Js and As then they cant be raising turn with a hand like KsJs or QsJs. And there are no Asxs that float flop and min raise turn as a semi-bluff or anything so I think their value range looks capped to 2pair+ I still think we cannot fold with the added flush draw so I think calling is better than raising because here we can't rely on fold equity nor expect them to call with much worse given the combination of hands so we are basically hoping they are spew min raising turn with a hand like KJ, QJ or AJ that limped called preflop. Sill I think shoving turn is unnecessary because we might allow them to showdown but we can call rivers to bluff catch or allow them to bet with worse.
        Also, I think we can improve our betting patterns by betting slightly larger on both sreets which will help us make an easier decision.



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