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5nl 3 street donk

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  • 5nl 3 street donk

    unknown do you call him down? What's his range here? Why would he take this line?

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    I find more often than not when I get donked at the player (usually fishy) has a mid or bottom pair or some sort of draw, although occasionally you will run into strong top pair+ hands. I think you played thus pretty well. He could have 78, TJ, 9x, 6x, some kx and some small to mid pocket pairs. I think your play was pretty standard, definitely not folding to a river bet that small with tpgk.


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      Completely fine.

      I'm not sure if we should raise for value. I doubt he takes this sizing with a 6x, so that leaves his Kx, of which K9,K8,KQ+ beat us.

      I think vs that range we should just call. AK is probably a lot closer.


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        I think you played this hand fine in general, but I would raise this river for value.

        When fishy villains bet smaller and smaller on successive streets like this, it's normally fairly transparent that they like their hand less and less and they are trying to see a cheap showdown.

        Birdayy doesn't mention this, but I think villain's range has got a lot of 9x in it and I would not be surprised to see villain show up with 87 or 8T here either.

        I think you can show a profit by raising smallish, say to $1.10 and expect worse Kx, 9x and 8x to call often enough to make this profitable.. You can also comfortably fold to a 3Bet, however I don't expect villain to have 6x very often, as he would likely have bet much bigger on the river.



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