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5NL 6m Zoom KK 2nd nut flush blind vs blind

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  • 5NL 6m Zoom KK 2nd nut flush blind vs blind

    Villain is 3 tabling. I honestly dont know what to make of this. mathematically speaking, him having the nuts is very low but with his minraise OTT and river bet Im on the fence on this one. Its so easy to bluff me now. I tell myself I should have definitely called but assuming I did and he showed the nuts I think I'll say it was a clear fold.

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    If you had reraise OTT you would have had more information. You are kinda in twilight zone now. His bet OTR does look like a valuebet but could also be a thin value bet from . Dunno, I think I would call also because he just called OTF. I think most people would raise with a NFD.


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      Tough spot. I think the villain may raise you with Ax preflop bvb. So it's hard to put villain on an ace here.

      OTF We are getting called by a ton of hands.
      OTT Here's where it gets tricky. I think my play here is that same BC line that you take.
      OTR Super tough just go with your gut. You can use the theory above. Wouldn't he have raised with Ax preflop?

      Either way I think you played it fine.


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        I could have called this at a normal table but multi-tablers at micro zoom are often nitty but then again this is a very good spot to bluff especially if he has no showdown value. its just that ive been proven wrong so many times in the past with this kind of call mentality.


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          Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
          I think the villain may raise you with Ax preflop bvb. So it's hard to put villain on an ace here.
          I think there are lots of Ax hands that villain would just call and see a flop in position in a BB vs SB battle.

          The turn is the most interesting decision point of this hand. While it makes you a strong hand, it also makes the board very scary for someone who hasn't got a big diamond. Given that your opponent likely is probably better than the average player pool, he is less likely to pay you off with worse hands and also might be willing to fire bluffs vs perceive weakness.

          Therefore I would just check/call this turn.

          If you were to bet turn and river, what might you expect to get called by twice that you beat?

          Sets - I would expect a decent player to raise such a wet flop texture with all his sets, especially as he likely only has TT/66, not QQ. He would expect to get calls from many worse hands, particularly flush draws that he would need to protect against.

          Worse flushes - I doubt villain is calling the flop with just the Jd with no other equity in the hand. Therefore he'd have to have KJ, QJ or TJ. You then have to hope that he calls two further barrels with the 3rd nut flush, which is certainly possible being a blind vs blind battle, but this makes up a relatively small portion of his range.

          I think you can reasonably expect to get one further street of value from the above hands, but probably not two.

          By check/calling turn and river, you allow him to value bet worse flushes or maybe even pull off a bluff if he thinks you never have a good diamond here. If the turn checks through, you can bet/call river.

          My advice would be much different if you were playing against a stationy fish, where I would definitely be betting turn/river for value.

          As played, I definitely don't like 3Betting the turn, this is definitely just going to leave us value-owning ourselves. Villain's line does look very strong, he's not wanting you to fold! I think it's pretty close, but at 5NL, people are less inclined to bluff with lines like this, so folding is fine, but calling can't also be a bad option.



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