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5NL 6m Zoom KK Broadway Flop vs RP

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  • 5NL 6m Zoom KK Broadway Flop vs RP

    what should have been my play on each street? I think I should have CR shoved the turn...should I have called the river? I thought he had Ax. Was I too nitty here?

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    My play here would be to bet a little larger on the flop. There's is a lot that will call here and it's multiway. OTT the villain has less than a pot sized bet so I would just go all in OTT/bet pot.
    Last edited by dirt eh; Fri Feb 21, 2014, 10:08 AM.


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      I fully agree with dirt.
      Bet something close to pot on flop because your hand is really strong and it's multiway,
      Shove on the turn

      I would never have folded here. You only loose to AK (very unlikely), AA (would have raised pre, so unlikely), A10 (possible) and 10-10 (very unlikely).

      [edit] You are totally right, any Ax hand wins, hmmm, still would called, just to get gutted. Still shove turn would have solved this problem
      Last edited by rkleefstra; Fri Feb 21, 2014, 12:04 PM.


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        I lose to any Ax on the river and this is a RP. I will have Kings full of aces and they will have Aces full of tens. thats what I was thinking but I'll never find out I guess. who knows maybe he had AQ/QJ or something.


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          I assume that villain is a recreational player due to his strange stack size and the fact this is 5NL.

          Preflop is great, but I'd bet bigger on the flop to get max value from Ax, even two pair hands that won't fold. However more importantly, you want to be able to play for stacks on most turns against the #fischigespieler, so betting a touch bigger would make an easier turn shove.

          Having said that your bet size is by no means bad, but I now think this is the perfect card to just shove on. You are now never folding and are willing to pay off AK/AT. Also, villain is now never folding Ax or a slowplayed QJ so you're going to get many calls from worse hands.

          Check/shoving the turn isn't actually that bad a play as you can still shove the river if it gets checked through. However against a fishy player (who is probably passive), I just prefer to get the money in myself instead of hoping for the villain to do it for me.

          Check/calling the turn is a pretty serious error, what's your plan on a blank river? Check/calling or shoving isn't great as it might easily get checked through when you miss out on a ton of value. Lead-shoving the river would be best, but you might as well have just shoved the turn.

          As played I guess folding the river is fine but your real mistake came on the turn.


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            yes it was a turn shove sigh
            Last edited by okneechan; Sat Feb 22, 2014, 06:20 PM.



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