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2N 6-Max Zoom - Line check, turn fold?

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  • 2N 6-Max Zoom - Line check, turn fold?

    No reads. No stats. Thoughts?

    I think the flop call is fine. However, I feel the turn call may have been a wee bit terrible. His open limp-call range is going to be full of weak Ax hands which smack the flop and turn. Taking stack size into consideration is this call ok or is it a for sure fold on the turn?

    I felt it was a pretty clear fold at the time but calling station that I am I called anyway just to prove to myself I was right. Haha.

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    Short stack limp villain. I would probably ISO a bit larger. 0.10 - 0.12. OTF my initial thought is to shove over his donkbet, but there is still 1 player to act behind us... tough spot due to the short stack donkbet and extra villain in the pot.

    OTF I think C is fine with TPTK and back door NFD, if the BB comes over the top we fold.
    OTT I'm just getting stacks in here. When he bets 0.44 just put the rest in right there. It looks like a 2p type hand but he can also have a flush draw or worse Ax than yours.

    Nice hand, unlucky.


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      Hi folkstix,

      I'm calling down all day long here. Due to stack size and the fact that the opponent limp calls then I think they can do this with alot worse hands. Folding I think is a bigger mistake than calling.


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        Thanks, guys! Yeah I figured taking stack size into consideration probably makes this not as bad as it seems even if in this particular case we called his hand before he even flipped over his cards.

        Do we agree that deeper this is a clearer fold then?