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10NL Overpair vs rock

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  • 10NL Overpair vs rock

    Villain is 8/5/0.7 over 226 hands. Preflop I elect to 3bet because he's so tight and he opened UTG, so his range is pretty strong here and I can get value from those hands. I also take initiative in position in the hand which always is very important, and he calls. Flop comes 72Q with two spades. He checks to me and I bet 1.20 into 2.05. I'm not sure if this actually was a misclick or something because I can't see any reason why I bet this small. Normally I'd bet pretty big here since the only part of his range that actually beats me is QQ, while there are tons of other hands to get value from, such as AQ, pairs, maybe even AK in some situations, at least if suited. In hindsight, a bigger bet on the flop would be better but I'm pretty sure it was a misclick. The turn pairs the board and brings a second flush draw on the board and he donks into me. This got me kinda suspicious if he actually had the queens, given his passive postflop nature. I elected to call instead of putting in a raise because he could still be doing this with kings or AQ. Either way, I can reevaluate the river. The river is a K, completing the backdoor flush. He checks to me and this is where the big question is. I have about half a pot sized bet left in my stack but I'm not sure whether to check behind or jam. I decided to check behind but I'm not sure if I missed value or possibly dodged a huge bullet. It feels like something's missing here but I don't know what. ....

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    Hi, I think your sizing is perfect OTF. This villain type plays big suited Aces and pairs. You don't want to bloat this pot when our opponents will only continue with sets, ops, and NFDs. The lead on OTT doesn't make much sense to me. Looks to me like he's leading to try and slow you down and he accomplished this by having you just call. If he flopped a set he's not afraid of the 2 coming on OTT. I think he has AQ of spades here, maybe AK of spades. I would lean towards shoving over his turn donkbet in order to get the stacks in and forcing him to draw for stacks. If the board didn't pair I would be more suspicious. #fischigespieler


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      Hi Feskprins,

      I think I like checking back river. I'm not sure what an 8/5 would call a 3bet preflop with OOP. Are they calling with AQ OOP? If they are opening TT+, AK, AQ, AJs then I think they would fold the bottom of their range to a 3bet, 4bet with AA and call with AK, QQ, KK. I don't see any heart draws OTT because we have the Ah. The point is what worse hands can we get to call OTR if we bet? AsKs is basically it. Is an 8/5 going to call with AQ OTR that's if they call a 3bet OOP preflop with AQ? Is JJ going to call? So because we are not going to get called but more worse holding and called by more better hands then we are probably not betting the river for value so checking back is the best line imo.



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