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2NL Zoom 6-max, 34s BvB river play

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  • 2NL Zoom 6-max, 34s BvB river play

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    No info on the Villain. I think PFR calling mini raise BvB with small connectors is ok.OTF I have 3rd pair on dry board. So he bets .02c and I think that he bets his all over cards. So I re-raise and he calls. OTT I get OESD/FD and he again bets .02c. I think I should have bet more here OTT. River pairs the board and again he bets .02c. What would be your line OTR? Could he be doing this with 9x type of hand?

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    What we know about villain is that he is really bad, because he plays under stacked and makes nonsense nonstandard raises.

    Just in my last hand Dave concluded that small raise usually marks a weaknes.

    Combining these two things he mostly has 9x hand when he is betting OTR.

    OTR his range is something like: {sets, AA, about any 9x, AsTs+} where u have 79% to win.
    I think the key here is that he is really bad.
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      I think I would have called OTR instead of raise tbh but we didn't so in this situation, I think I would have snapcalled here only to walk into or 99 or 9-5, something that beat us so bad. The wise decision is probably to fold since "rivershoves are always strong in micro's". Basically the only hand that you beat is 9x. Would 9x shove here? I don't think so. Any overpair would just call your bet b/c of the river9. A-high would be nuts to bluffshove here. That leaves (nut)flushes and boats...they all beat you.


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        OTR I call 100%. Think of how the hand played out. He bets you raise, he bets you raise, he bets you raise, he shoves... You're making the villain mad because he has TP and he doesn't know why you're trying to raise him off TP. Once he hits trips OTR he once again min bets excepting you to raise so he can shove on you. This type of villain isn't capable of putting you on a hand. All he knows is that he has 3 of a kind and 3 of a kind is awesome.
        Note: you backdoored a flush. Really hard for the villain to put you on a BDF.

        I don't like your flop raise.
        I do like the raise OTT.
        I don't like the fold OTR.
        Just my opinion.
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          Hi delta,

          Just fold preflop honestly. This hand probably plays better for a light 3b than a call, but I'd rather have higher connectors like 87s or 76s even, and we have no reads yet on villain so there's no way to know how getting involved with junk for a 3b or call will be profitable.

          OTF I would just call, raising because you think he has missed with the intention of folding out his worse hands doesn't do too much for us (trying to protect our hand in a .10c pot?) and exposes us to bloating the pot vs. better hands.

          OTT I like the raise after we turn the extra equity of our draw and he leads again for the minimum. I think we likely have some fold equity, although again the hands that will fold we are mostly beating anyway. It's possible we could get some better hands to fold now though, like A3/A5/A6. And importantly, we can get called by some worse hands (turned draws) and we also should be able to call a 3b with our draw value if he reraises.

          OTR it seems pretty gross. We've raised him twice, and he's leading again for the min. I can see players doing this hoping to show down dirt cheap, but then again we did raise this action twice already, so he probably should rate this card to be good for us and expect a raise again. I think it's a decent spot to raise for value vs. 9x and 87, but we probably have to fold to the shove as we should look crazy strong raising again here so he should be crazy strong to shove for stacks.

          If you called, I can't fault it, as there's a lot of doubt about what villain might evaluate our hand strength to be, if he's even ranging us at all, and what he would consider crazy strong (if he's 3b shoving a hand as weak as 97 here for example then folding to his shove is a pretty serious error as he'd have tons of worse hands). This is exactly the type of problem we can run into when playing without reads, which leads me back to the opening statement.
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            Thx Dave, you are spot on!umbup:



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