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5NL 6m Zoom KK OESD flop vs UTG OR flat

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  • 5NL 6m Zoom KK OESD flop vs UTG OR flat

    Villain is a reg 4 tabling. preflop is standard I think. OTF I figured TT/JJ/QQ is certainly part of his range for OR flatting vs my squeeze.AK is more unlikely since I have blockers. maybe an AA slowplay or an 89s if he was tricky as well but that is rare. should I just have called and see what he does OTT? certainly it would have gone all in anyway if i put a small reraise OTF so I thought of shoving so my outs wont "die". what do you think of my shove? i think my thought process might be wrong again in terms of the value mindset. i hope to emulate xflixx from his zoom videos here.
    Last edited by okneechan; Thu Feb 20, 2014, 02:05 PM. Reason: fail code from boom. used old hand replayer

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    I think we should just call flop here. I don`t think he would do this with 99/AQ. So his range should be JJ/QQ/1010 maybe JQs/10Js.So call flop, reevaluate OTT.


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      I really don't like this shove.

      Villain is a reg who's raising from UTG and facing a 3Bet from MP. He will realise that his range looks strong, so when you 3Bet from such early position, your range should be super-strong. For him to then call this 3Bet, I think his range is super-narrow, something like 88-QQ, AK, AQs. Occasionally he might even slowplay AA like this.

      That range hits this flop so hard. Against villain's preflop range, you're 50/50 to win by the river. When a reg donkbets on such a wet board against your perceived super-strong range, he's never bluffing, so he's never doing this with 88 or 99. Once you take those hands out of his range, he's now crushing you. Typically when a reg donkbets like this, it's with a strong, but vulnerable made hand, so minimally QJ or more likely, sets.

      Therefore you can't raise for value as you are behind his range, or as a bluff because villain is not going to fold his sets. I'm not sure how he'd play AK, he'd probably just check/raise and hope for you to get it in with QQ-TT, but he could also lead out.

      So just call the flop in position and re-evaluate turn, but be very cautious.


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        yeah I think I should be more choosy when shoving OTF(hands and right villains). it seems like a huge leak just like my nut flush draws facing a CR. i picked this up coz i often see pros at youtube doing it. like KQs TP+FD
        Last edited by okneechan; Thu Feb 20, 2014, 07:04 PM.



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