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NL5 ZOOM 77 lost showdon value on river

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  • NL5 ZOOM 77 lost showdon value on river

    Vilain unknown. on the river my poket 77 has no more showdown value guess i should bet and hope that he folds all his 22-66, XJ and other lower combos.
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    I think a lot of people will call a bet here when they beat the table.
    Betting here is burning money imo.
    I would simple check back and move to the next hand.


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      Yea, I don`t see much of value in betting OTR, we are turning are pocket 7s into a bluff.
      And without some reads that he is folding a lot on river bets I would just check back.


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        I think on the river most people in microstakes are the most honest. he shown weaknes at two streets.


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          I think you have three plays here.
          1. Raise his cbet
          2. Call his cbet and if he checks the turn, turn your hand into a bluff
          3. Fold to his cbet.

          I don't like showing down 77 here.
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            I would
            1) fold OTF
            2) flat OTF betfold OTT if its checkraised to me


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              Hi all,

              I don't really like the flop call either, what is our plan? It can't be solely to hit a 7, that would be a terrible plan since it occurs very infrequently and won't be good 100% of the time anyway. It may be to float and take the pot away later if villain shows weakness, but we don't have reads yet to know if that's a good plan or not, and we didn't do that anyway. And planning to check/show down isn't great either, what are we beating that gives up after the flop? QJ/QJ/JT/22-66 is about it. But we're still losing to 88-QQ.

              Since we did float the flop, the turn is our best chance to move on this pot when he checks. We can have AJ that called flop to pot control. We can have KQ that was slow playing. We can have a flush draw that just got there. And it's a leveraged bet, if villain calls there is the threat of facing an even bigger river bet. Hands like AQ are probably check/calling us down, but 88-QQ is pretty hard pressed to continue.

              As played I think betting the river is good tbh. I think the OP's point is that we don't have an option to show down 77 any more, we are playing the board. Villain can have a ton of better hands that might fold to a bet. Even QJ/QT is a hero call (2 pair on board with the best kicker). JJ/TT/99, the lower we go the more certain a fold is. And they are folding 100% of chops (22-77). Giving up and chopping with 22 or losing the whole pot to 99 is just gross.

              Cliffs: fold flop, bet turn, as played bluff river.
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                Hehe looks like I made errors on all 3streets. I gues with 7d7x 6d6x or 88 it would be call OTF? because we dont whant to be exploited be c-betor 100%.



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