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All-in Pre-flop with AK

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  • All-in Pre-flop with AK

    Opponent was 12/12 (109 hands). 3bet 8% (39 hands) Would you fold here ever?

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    I would fold 100% of the time here. What's his fold to 3bet stat and what's his 4bet range stat? Also what's your 3bet stat?

    He has 12/12 stats. Obviously doesn't like to fold and with 12/12 overall stat his MP range is probably 3% TT+ and AK. I would 3bet fold here always. Just my opinion!

           Equity     Win     Tie
    MP3    59.61%  46.38%  13.23% { TT+, AKs, AKo }
    SB     40.39%  27.16%  13.23% { AKo }


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      I wouldn't 3b pre vs a nit.


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        Hi Carl,

        As a general game plan we can 3bet AK for value and that's because a) opponents will call with worse or b) they will 4bet light.

        But I think we have to evaluate our hand strength preflop before we decide on which action we take.
        Against a 12/12 who is raising from MP, I think AK falls down from premium value to the top of medium value hands. It's actually slightly better than AQ but not by too far and that's because when we 3bet what is our villain going to do?

        . Villain opens 12% of hands: {AA-22, AK-AJ, ATs, KQ, QJs-JTs, KJs-QTs, KTs} and that's optimistic for MP for someone who's total PFR is 12%
        . What are the hands that villain will continue with? {AA-JJ, AK, AQs} so when we 3bet here it's like turning our hand into a bluff because against hands that would 4bet given the opponent type and positions would usually be heavy on value and little to no bluffs.

        So whenever we don't get called more worse hands or get 4bet light then AK becomes a call.


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          In hindsight 3bet fold here might be the best play considering his stats and position. perhaps you can do this line when his OR came from the BTN or SB...but imo still its better to go with at least AKs instead of AKo if you want to play for stacks pre. you had to call his shove though. too much money in the pot.


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            I agree, a villain with those stats isn't going to 4bet with any worse than 10+ or AQs+. Given the level of aggression after 3betting to me it's a fold. If we called and don't hit any piece of the board we'll be check/folding way too many times to be profitable on the long run. That's just my opinion.


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              ill keep it simple and easy to understand

              ok so the 3 bet oop with ak is pretty standard here but when villain 4 bet`s here you should be folding 100% of the time because his range is only aa kk both have you crushed you cant flat to see a flop as you will be check folding most of the time, so that`s too spewy and after you 5 bet - his 6 bet all in is a definite indicator that all he is repping is aa and kk - when a nit 4 bets just fold


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                Originally posted by Gh0stStr1k3r View Post
                ok so the 3 bet oop with ak is pretty standard here
                Originally posted by okneechan View Post
                In hindsight 3bet fold here might be the best play considering his stats and position.

                Like Geo was saying, 3Betting might be a good play against some opponents, but against this opponent type, you're always onto a loser as the villain is only going to continue with a range that has us crushed and he's going to fold the relatively small part of his range that we have crushed.

                Just flat-calling preflop is best and if you do 3Bet, then you should fold to the 4Bet.


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                  Preflop All In All the response information that has been given you are very good. GeoVARTA is completely right. The way it looks to me is that you went into the flop with the thought that you had the winning hand and no one could beat you. Even when the villian waa aggressively raising you, you seem to ignore or did not see that he had mostly likely a AA,KK in his hand. When the villian raised you $5.50, that is when you should have realised that he had a better hand and folded. The problem many players have, I believe, is that they rely on the strength of certian cards such as AK, AA, KK. These cards can be very good, but then, they can be cards that trap you into making bad mistakes as in this case. The most important stat that you gave is the 12/12 out of 109 hands. This means he is a very tight player and he waits for good hands. Don't rely on card strength alone. Take into account the player(s)you are against and how they play. If you are using a HUD, look at there stats. If you are not, keep mental or better, written notes on players. Good luckumbup:
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