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Was My Call Correct?

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  • Was My Call Correct?

    I think that the UTG+1 call to see the flop wasn't a good call (or limp with 78s in early position for that matter), and I'm happy how I played the hand up to my raise. I'm not sure what to make of my call to the all in, though. What do you think?

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    Hi Shodan,

    Firstly I don't think raising 2 EP limpers with a small pair is ideal without any reads. It's probably better to limp behind here rather than bloat the pot with a hand that won't win unimproved multi-way much.

    Post flop play is fine I think. Obv 87s is in his limp-call range, this is exactly the type of thing they'll be holding. They'll also show up with 55 and 44 which is what makes it fine. If we held 44 instead of 66 then I think we have a fold.
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      Hi Shodan,

      Didn't want to jump in and suggest the over limp pre. But Dave said it so my thinking was ok.

      As played looking at your call I literately put villain on that hand - or some nut draw, then think why shove and play bingo?

      Unwinding the action to the villain's limp call pre, then checks the top straight into two opponents! What a spot to donk to induce a raise then 3bet. So a nice hand for note taking and hope you see them again.
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        Thanks for the advice, Dave. I must admit, I haven't put much thought in before with regard to limping behind others, but it's something I'll be putting into practice now, when applicable.


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          Cheers, ForrestFive. Appreciate the feedback.



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