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10NL 6max - co 3bet QQ, Ace high flop, call by river 3 King board

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  • 10NL 6max - co 3bet QQ, Ace high flop, call by river 3 King board


    The note I made on the line:

    co 3bet QQ, Ace high flop, call by river 3 King board

    I was facing utg open and then call happy with such a small river bet.

    1) It has to be an Ace, so why call?
    2) If not an Ace raise, for what value?

    So guys is there a bet size read and would you go for more value and raise on the river?

    And more importantly would you keep the initiative and bet on that flop in position as the 3bet hero?

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    3betting is marginal. Really depends on the villain.

    Otherwise I think you played it fine. Vs a big bet OTT there would be merits to folding, but with the pot odds we're getting calling is fine.

    Calling river is also fine.


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      Yes against a very tight villain maybe not 3bet, I don't know. My position is key to raise and exclude any action behind. Then do I cbet flop and get x/r into who has an Ace levelling game?

      We see the villain's cards here. But can we get away from any flop action, no I don't range very well and passively check behind. Then villain turn bets after I give up the initiative. So maybe an Ace or draw?

      Think I got lucky with a cheap turn and river call down.


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        I like your flop play as there really is no value in a flop bet. We would only protect oursleves from getting bluffed but tbh I don't think someone starts bluffing all that often on an AK high board against a preflop 3-bettor anyway. That being said I think there is a good argument for folding turn here and not worry about it too much.
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          I like your play. Turn is a good bluff board given you check flop so your hand is underrepresented so I think calling isnt too bad, if I call here I would fold to any substantial river bet but ofc you gotta call the min bet. I dont think you made any big mistakes or anything,



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