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10NL ZOOM 6-max, 3BQQ in SB OOP deep stacks

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, 3BQQ in SB OOP deep stacks

    Tough spot. I think a better line would be to check call the river or check turn bet river? Please help! Villain (131): 17/12/2.7
    Last edited by dirt eh; Tue Feb 18, 2014, 01:51 AM.

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    I disagree with x/calling river. I prefer betting because 10nl regs don't value bet thinly enough.

    I would have played the hand pretty much the same tbh.


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      Same for me. Looks like JJ alot to me; It fits perfectly with their preflop cold call and flop, turn, river slow play line. We need to be good atleast 29% to make the river call. Readless I think its a good fold. I'm probably betting slightly bigger though on each street in which I'm committing myself to the pot


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        I also see the villain having JJ or even 99 here.

        What about checking the turn for pot control?

        Just thinking that I could have taken a pot control line...
        Instead of B,B,BF

        B,X,B if villain checks turn
        B,XC,XF if villain bets turn and river

        On the turn the best scenario that I can hope for is that he's calling with a Jx combo (JT, QJ, KJ, AJ). I've also seen a lot of villains get married to 3B pots and end up taking a pocket pair too deep and then deciding that they need to turn TT into a bluff or they turn AJ into what they think is a value shove. I think it's rare in this spot but I've seen too many villains play 3B pots really really bad.


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          We actually are okay with their calling range that is why we bet 3 streets but get away to a raise



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