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2 NL zoom TPTK on dry bd facing aggression in a 3-way pot

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  • 2 NL zoom TPTK on dry bd facing aggression in a 3-way pot

    Villain 5: 33/33/0 (3 hands) Villain 7: 18/14/16.7 (23 hands) Flop: I think we must call villain 5's c-bet in this spot, as I can't imagine he would continue with any worse holdings should we raise (apart from maybe KQ). I'm somewhat puzzled by villain 7's flop raise. On such a dry board a value range is KJ, JJ, 55, maybe AK. But the thing is that value range is very narrow and the villain may be the sort that overvalues one-pair hands. However, I don't like my call of the raise and would've like to see myself fold on the flop. Turn: Seems a straightforward fold. My question is would you play the hand differently on any of the streets? Cheers, Ibie

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    I would probable raise OTF.. (and fold to a 3bet)


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      Hi Ibie,

      Personally preflop I would 3bet with AK. By calling in MP1, and with many other villains still left to act, you could be inviting others to call leading to a multiway flop which wouldn't be great for this hand. Readless, I would personally fold to the raise on the flop, and note (if villains see a showdown) what type of hand that villian like to raise with on flop and adjust from there.




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        Hi Ibie_Broke, I think vs an unknown we could 3bet preflop for value. If you're a regular at these stakes and you see an unknown then probably they are recreational player and I would 3bet them for value. Against a TAG, calling an EP raise with AK is probably fine. As played, I like the flop call as opposed to raising because its unlikely we get called by alot worse. When the player behind us raises and the OR calls I think folding is probably the best option when we have little ways to improve on later streets. umbup:



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