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Mixed feelings about how I played flush draw.

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  • Mixed feelings about how I played flush draw.

    Overall, I think I played this more bad than good. I entered the pot due to implied odds, but I think I placed too much value in my hand & and was too aggressive in my betting. I'm also now wondering if despite the odds, the fact that they were opening from very early position should have set some alarm bells ringing.

    I may add a few more hands in this post, as I believe up to five is ok? Any comments are most welcome.

    I sometimes raise with AK after an early opener has bet, but I will also call, too. The villain bet the flop and I sometimes fold here, though with a straight draw and a possible flush draw I thought I'd see the turn on this occasion. When he didn't bet the turn, I thought I'd bet my straight draw. I now think I would have been better to just check it down to the river, as the turn (4s) didn't improve my equity.

    When the button raised, I naturally three bet and was surprised to get four bet by the big blind. The amount required to call didn't add up to 15 - 20 times the amount in my stack, so I think here I probably am at fault for simply calling. I think it would have been better to fold or shove? I think my play shows a lack of confidence here, since I'm reluctant to release my hand - but don't wish to commit to it whole heartedly. Why I didn't put the villain all-in on the flop, I don't know (villain had AKo).

    The villain (UTG) has a small stack, and one thing I've noticed about short stackers is that they often have a wide range & adopt a push / fold style of play. I didn't mind making a call here, and I think three others came along. When I hit my set, I felt obligated to see it through. Should I have played more cautiously post flop / or even folded?

    I felt I made the right play by three betting the btn, but wasn't too pleased when he called. At the time, I remember thinking that betting or checking was ok either way, but felt a bet was slightly the better option - at least for an opponent that plays a more abc type of poker anyway. I'm now thinking that checking might have been better, but I didn't want to allow another club to come, hence my bet. I'm not sure how I feel about my check on the turn. Maybe I should have fired another barrel?
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    I think it's one hand per HA thread request and five in the re-player. Just a comment on the first hand. There is sort of an implied price to call out of the blinds. But think I AM OOP then re-think what will happen next if you hit the flop in any way.

    This probably comes under value owing yourself. This situation hurts so much (and I have the scars) what three flush cards could beat us? Oh OK villain has two of them.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      Yup, the more times I watch the hand, the more I realize how badly I played it. I think if I was to call with implied odds in a hand where the villains are in EP, I would do much better to tread lightly and, for example, check on the flop and fold to raises / heavy bets, etc.


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        Hi Shodan,

        1 hand to a thread like Forest said is the rule. In the first hand, calling to see the flop isn't bad, but I would prefer to have reads on the opponents. I don't really like leading the flop into 2 EP players since there's a reasonable chance at least one of them has a big ace. If they both have hands they'll fold here, like JJ and TT, they'll fold them later and we can perhaps bluff if the action grinds to a halt.

        As played when we bet the turn, it's kind of obvious what we have. I don't think we can fold this strong a hand, especially since the villain could raise us with a set (not making the read of flush) or with AxKd. It's not a stellar spot however as we will sometimes run into a dominating flush, and the hands that aren't a flush already will still usually have a bunch of outs on the river as well.
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          Thanks, Dave. I'll remember that it's one hand in future.



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