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  • KQo wet board

    Is this hand well played? Is it possible he could be leading turn with a set? Can I turn my hand into a bluff on the river? Villain 30/20 114 hands

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    I think your bet sizing pre-flop is fine; I tend to make it around from the cut-off or btn, but 2. is fine. I like the bet on the flop, as you have top pair and a gut shot. I think I may have still called the bet on the turn, but folded on the river - both as you did. My thinking is that he either had a flush or a set. I think you played it fine.

    Edit : as mentioned below, do not bluff at these stakes. I will add (though I don't think it will much difference in relation to this hand), that you might like to increase the bet size a little more on the flop...say around to two thirds / seventy percent.
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      Looks like short handed regular table 2c/5c 6max with villain in the bb. Thinking wider ranges here. Nothing you can do apart from - don't turn your hand into a bluff in this spot.

      You raise pre and get called, cbet called again. Then villain donks to a 2 flush board and you may be beat on flop. These stakes are trap happy (we may raise flop set, or sometimes a semi-bluff) but here we get a message on the turn.

      The only thing I may do is raise the turn bet. But that may be throwing good money after bad - and still get called. Then face a horrible barrel card on the river.


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        If you were to turn a hand into a bluff KQ with a diamond would be a pretty good candidate to do so. We have blockers to a straight and the nut flush.

        Maybe at higher limits this would be more effective, where villains would bet/fold straights and two pairs.

        At 5nl I think you don't have enough fold equity.

        Don't call river. It'd be a losing call.


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          Hi eaSy,

          Play seems fine to me. He's showing decent strength, but maybe a spade draw as well (but the nut spade draw gets there too with the ace).

          Please don't ever turn this into a bluff at 5NL... we would be targeting at worst AsXs to fold and trying to get players off top pair+ at these stakes is lighting money on fire.
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