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NL10 SH - facing 5bet with AK, bu vs bb.

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  • NL10 SH - facing 5bet with AK, bu vs bb.

    Villain is 16/10/1.9, AF of 0.5 over 168 hands. I 4bet for value, when he places in 5bet I check his stats and note that he folds 87% of time call 13% (something like that) and has never 3bet. Against a guy so tight and that 5bet looking so strong I decide fold.

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    Hi pockettones

    You didnt post a hand, but he is my take from what you wrote.

    This villain has a really low 3b% (1.9%). This is basically AA and KK. You don't have all that many hands on him, so his range may be a bit wider. When he 3b from the bb, I think you are better off calling on the btn. You have position and we keep his 3b range wide.

    In general, we don't want to 4b-fold such a strong starting hand. This turns our hand into a bluff and gets us value owned. AA an KK are presumably 5b us while everything else is folding. Had we just called the 3b, we have a better chance of winning at least one more bet from QQ and KK for example if we flop an A.


    Roland GTX


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      So does this mean we should only 4bet AA, KK and bluff? I think if he was a fish or an aggressive player maybe 4betting here is ok for value? I'm confused because I remember reading we should try stack off AK in a blind against button scenario but I guess this guy is the exception?


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        If this guy is only 3b 1.9%, that is like KK and AA only. He is probably a bit wider than that,but quite snug and doesnt seem to be 3b light. AK doesnt do well against AA and KK value range. So this isnt going to be a good spot to get all in preflop. We can't 4b for value against this guy, but we can call and reevaluate on the flop. Normally, we can assume people are raising a wider range in the blinds/btn. So, we can sometimes 4b/5b jam because we have real equity against part of their range AND have some added fold equity that can make it profitable.

        We always need to consider the villain, not just our cards. Here if we assume he could be 3b wider than the 1.9% to include perhaps AQ, QQ for example. I think we can use our position and just call the 3b. This should help us lose less when we are behind and win more when ahead.


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          okies thanks that make sense



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