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NL: Ring Game QT Off Suite

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  • NL: Ring Game QT Off Suite

    Hi All, Another one that has me perplexed I think this was just one of those nasty things the poker gods do to players. My question is again could or should I have done anything differently? The Villian is somone I had donw as loose that would chase a long shot draw against all odds

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    1-Fold cheese pre-flop.

    2-Run better.


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      Hi TrumpinJoe,

      Could you provide more information please, are you saying in that position that was a poor hand to play?

      no idea what you mean with either statement I am afraid.

      I understand the first point now, however I am still not understanding the last point about run better.
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        Run better is when the villain doesn't hit their hand.


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          Ah thanks,

          Just to let you know currently your advice is working I am in my first winning session as we speak


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            Hi s4nd4ls.

            Preflop my advice is similar to the other hand you posted. In Full Ring games, you should be very tight with what you choose to open-raise with from early position, as you be playing the hand out of position and it is very likely that people who call will have a stronger hand than you, often a hand that dominates you, like AT, AQ, KQ, even TT, QQ.

            Check out this article and follow the lessons for a guide on which hands to raise preflop with from what positions: Hand Selection Pre-Flop

            You're in a dream scenario on the flop, you flop the nuts and your opponent does all your betting for you by moving all in! Having said that, you are only going to win about 78% of the time, which means you will lose about 21%. So of course you won't win all the time, but keep making decisions where you get all in ahead and you will be a winning player!


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              Thanks for taking the time to respond I really appreciate it, and it showed although I thought I was playing TA I was actually playing loose and not really anything.

              I have stepped up my game, having read the suggested links, and a few more and have just come out of what feels like my first winning session. up by 150% not a lot at 0.01/0.02 but still it feels like a big move in the right direction. I will continue paying more attention to my starting hands and position and see if I can continue the trend.

              Again many thanks for the informative and speedy responses. I will be sure to post more hands when I am confused as to what may have been done differently.




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                Don't get too excited about short term results. 5k hands can give one an idea about where they stand, if they don't play a high variance style.


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                  Hi Jo,

                  Im not, just wanted to let people know I had listened



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