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NL: Ring KT Suited Should I have played differently

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  • NL: Ring KT Suited Should I have played differently

    Hi All, I am looking at this hand and wondering if I should have taken a different route given. Should I have raised by more than 1/2 at the flop? I had the villian down as a passive player one that mainly calls his way to the river with any hand that may be close ish to winning. Any thoughts on how I played this hand are more than welcome. Regards

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    Suited cheese is still cheese. From EP it's stinking cheese.


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      Have to agree with TrumpinJoe... especially in full ring, is not an opening hand UTG. OTF You bet into 2 players on a coordinated board with middle pair and a gutshot. Not a great spot imo. After 1 player showed interest, you bet again on a blank turn. You just have middle pair, it has some showdownvalue at best. I think you should check/fold here. Anyway villain calls again. On river, villain suddenly wakes up and valuebets. This is never a bluf and will surely beat Qx, let alone middle pair. easy fold [edit] You said yourself he looks like a passive player. If such player wakes up, he got it..
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        Ray has summed this up very well.

        KTs is just too marginal a hand to be opening from such an early position. It is very easily dominated and while it can win some small pots, it often loses big ones, especially as you'll likely be playing this hand Out of Position.

        This flop is really wet and hits most people's calling ranges very hard. You only have middle pair and your CBet is extremely rarely going to get two folds, there are just two many draws and made hands that villains can call with. I'd just check and hope to see a free turn and fold if V6 bet. FWIW if you had a hand that was worth CBetting, you should make your sizing much bigger on a flop texture like this at it being multi-way, perhaps even a pot-sized bet would be optimal.

        Once you get called, I think you should just give up and try and get to a cheap showdown unless you improve. Especially on the river, like Ray says, if a passive opponent suddenly bets big into you, he's always got a monster and is never bluffing, so not folding there is a big spew.


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          Thanks for taking the time to respond I really appreciate it, and it showed although I thought I was playing TA I was actually playing loose and not really anything.

          I have stepped up my game, having read the suggested links, and a few more and have just come out of what feels like my first winning session. up by 150% not a lot at 0.01/0.02 but still it feels like a big move in the right direction. I will continue paying more attention to my starting hands and position and see if I can continue the trend.

          Again many thanks for the informative and speedy responses. I will be sure to post more hands when I am confused as to what may have been done differently.





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