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NL5 ZOOM Exploiting folder to 3bet

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  • NL5 ZOOM Exploiting folder to 3bet

    More than general question but have an example. Maybe Vilain to loose compairing on average Reg at NL5 but lets look. Villain 26/21/8 (AF 3,6) 600 Hands Fold to 3-bet 81% Steel percentage 43%. So its auto profit to 3-bet him ATC 1.95 BB/Per hand. But what my default post flop plan should be. What to do if he calls i guess its OK to just X-FOLD on any board because I already made my money and his non folding range very narrow overall would be something like 4% (TT+ AK) in BT wider like 8% ( Something like TT+ Suited Broadways AJo+) So here he hardly folds more than 40% of times I guess my C-Bet would be something like break even. So to decrease variance i just checking. And it Zoom we don't meed very often he cant collect very many "vs Hero" data. Or I missed something? ohh yes 4Bet 10% of his opening range so it would be something like QQ+ AK overall . If we eliminate these hands from his caling range then i should bet if I missed the board? But if he decided to float allest with few bacdor or A high combos its 0 or even -EV.
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    Your 3b is too small.

    I also don't like 3betting such trash. At least 3b something playable like 75s or QJo.

    As played i'd still 3b that board to protect our hand and because we have so much fold equity.

    Even if we are called we can turn a deceptive 2 pair or trips.


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      Hi Beatmaker,

      Here's a blog post I've written on 3betting light, I think it would shed some light and answer your questions:

      Regarding this hand, I would actually just fold. We really don't want to be 3betting with trash because the times that we get called it would be nice to be able to see a flop with some equity Also size wise when we are OOP I want to 3bet larger (3x+1bb) to make up for our positional disadvantage and get more folds.

      In this spot, I think we have missed a cbet here. I don't expect our pair of 4 to have much SD value and even against overcards that have missed we are vulnerable to get outdrawn. So I think cbetting this flop should show a decent amount of profit when the villain folds.



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