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5nl zoom AJs

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  • 5nl zoom AJs

    should I bet my top pairs on this board? I was thinking if I bet I rep that 9 or just putting pressure on him and think he would not call me on the turn with straight draw but maybe with a straight flush draw or a set... anyway his raise on river was just another 3$ in a pot 13$ so I couldn't fold this... guess bad play from both of us right?

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    Hi pekmansick,

    On the flop V2 leads out 5c into a pot of 60. This is usually not a strong hand. I like raising as you did. Hopefully we can isolate V2. However, your raise is really big. You overbet the pot betting 72c into 65c. Your overly large bet will get you value owned. All the hands you are beating will normally fold (weak aces, 8x, 7x and draws). This means you will win less than you could have had you bet smaller. Moreover, only the hands beating you are likely to continue (sets, 2p oesfd). I suggest betting about 45c -50c here instead. Once V1 calls your big bet, you need to be careful. You didnt give us a read stating he is a maniac. So, he most likely has a hand beating yours. He has position on us and V2 still gets to act.

    You improve on the turn, but 910 just got there and you are still behind a set. Since your big flop raise really narrows the villain's range, I would check the turn and hope to get to showdown. Top two pair might be good, but I am not confident. Leading out as you did can be ok, but I don't want to have to fold to a raise. Either way, if you are going to lead out, I would bet a bit smaller again, about 70% of the pot. If we bet the turn, I would check-call the river. Without a read, I don't think our hand is strong enough to go for 3 streets of value here. I would go for two and ty to get to the showdwon. As played, your river bet is small. You have 5.15 behind and there is 6.09 in the pot. If you are going to bet at all I would simply move all in to gain maximum fold equity. I doubt he is folding a set, but he might some of the time. If he is overplaying AK, AQ or 2p then you get max value. And, if you plan on bet-calling as you did, I prefer to just move all in.

    Be careful about overplaying your hand, both regarding your betsizing and how many streets you are betting. I don't expect you to have the best hand at showdown too often in this spot.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      thank you for this extensive explanation ... I knew i played it bad ... I just got lucky ...



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