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Kk 2nl

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  • Kk 2nl

    Should I have seen this coming? Should I have called the very large check raise? I put the V on something like A10, K10, Q10. Never thought he would show what he did My reads are 56/0 over 23 hands

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    As xFlixx often says, big rivershoves on the micro's (2NL, 5NL, 10NL) are never bluffs...


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      The more I think about this hand the more I know it’s a fold


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        Hi michae2005,

        Preflop is great. The villain min-bet on the flop is usually a weak hand. They try to bet small hoping to see the next street cheaply. I like your raise and the sizing. Turn looks good as well, again nice bet size.

        On the river you lead out again presumably for value against this calling station and now he finally wakes up and makes a big raise. I agree with rkleefstra, this is rarely a bluff. Unless you have notes documenting that the villain does this with weak hands or garbage, then I would fold. A single pair hand just isn't strong enough to call with here. The villain may be slowplaying a set, a straight, AA or 2p. We just wont be ahead often enough to call with "just a pair".

        Make sure to note this villain's play oop with 95o. You should be able to win your money back from him in no time

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX



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