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5nl zoom.... this is a fold?

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  • 5nl zoom.... this is a fold?

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    Against AhKh you are 42-58, against AhAd you are 46-53, against TT you are 37-63.

    Let’s give the villain 6 {KK+,AhQh+}, Villain 3 [TT,66,77]

    You get 33% to win and pot odds are around the same thus doesn’t really matter if you call or fold.

    Personally I would fold, because even if the flush comes I might lose and that would make me mour and my game would deteriorate.


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      Calling off with that much money in the middle.


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        I'm probably not too happy calling preflop tbh with three people left to act behind us and we are not OTB.

        When the OR bets into two opponents on such a wet flop I think they would have an overpair or a strong draw. Hands I can think of are: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88, 77, 66, AhKh, AhQh, AhJh, AT, KhQh, KTs, QhJh, QTs, JTs, 98s, 76s

        I think raising or calling flop are arguable; I'd prefer calling because its less likely we have Fold Equity here and by raising we force our opponent to continue with hands that have better equity.

        Because the BB called in a MW pot and now x/r I think his hands would lean towards PPs and SCs so hands like TT, 77, 66, 98s, 76s make more sense than them having JJ or Tx or Ahxh when we have both the 9h and Th and given they raised there's pretty much no chance they are folding.

        That and the fact that OR shoved now makes their range pretty strong I don't know if we can make an argument for them to fold overpairs in the spot but their range will look like 2pair+ and NFDs alot

        Since there is little to no chance BB is folding we need to ~33% to make the call and against those ranges we are almost even on our call or even slightly behind so folding or calling will to breakeven probably err more towards folding. So good fold I think. Obviously we think folding is a better line after analysis but its pretty hard to do the math there on the table so calling in-game is probably not a big mistake here either.



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