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    no info on villains but the way I chose to play on flop kinda don't leave me to much choice on turn or I'm wrong?
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    Preflop is kinda loose, but the rest is fine imo. nh


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      I dont know pot is 85 already and have to pay 20 to see it... and I'm suited ... and in position... so if it was some ugly flop or some heavy action in front of me I can let it go easily... maybe I am wrong ... I am more concerned about my raise on flop ... when I saw them checking the turn I kinda felt there is nothing to wait but ship it...

      I knew I was against a lot of draws ... just didn't want to see AK
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        Hi pekmansick,

        Preflop you are getting great odds to call the 3b, you have position on both players and you have a hand that plays well. We can call this every time. The tricky part is to be careful postflop. We may be facing an overpair if we flop a 10 or a better kicker if we flop an A. So, be cautious.

        Here you flop 2p on a wet board. There are enough hands calling us if we raise and enough cards we don't want to see on later streets, that I like raising as you did rather than just calling the flop bet.

        On the turn, it checks to you but now the pot is so big I think jamming as you did is best. Our hand is too strong to fold to a bet and we don't want to let all the draws get a free card. Plus we have some fold equity with betting. So, I like jamming better than checking the turn.

        Nice hand!

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX



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