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5NL FR - KK multiway facing heavy action

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  • 5NL FR - KK multiway facing heavy action

    I have under 10 hands on each villain so consider them unknowns. This was a gross spot I thought. I ruled out flatting since the pot was already huge and I had less than a pot size bet. I was either jamming or folding. I know I'm gonna lose the pot more often than not if I jam, but can the pot odds make it profitable?

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    With such heavy action on FR, 4handed, I'd say you are looking at pocket AA / pocket QQ , hands with a A-high flushdraw and a made nutflush. All those beat you. I would find an other spot and fold here.


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      I'd just shove.


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        Hi simon,

        After we 4b and get 2 callers, the resulting stack to pot ratio is so small (SPR=1) that our commitment plan should be to commit on basically any non-ace flop imo. Or maybe a small handful of others like QJ9 where V2 open shoves and V7 calls him.

        As far as non K containing flops go, this one is pretty good too. Yes we can be up against AA (that didn't 5-bet pre?) or QQ (more plausible but less combos). The only hands destroying us are AdAx and AdXd, but these should be fairly rare in villains ranges, especially since we block AdKd. We have 11 outs vs. QQ or AA without a diamond. Then there are hands that, because the pot is so large, should commit and/or will be willing to take a shot at it, which we are in great shape against. Those include: The other 2 K's, AQ both with or without a diamond, AKo with the Ad, and maybe JdJx.

        If we did not hold the Kd I think we are in a very tough spot on such a low SPR here, but with the Kd it's not really close, imo folding will be a not too insignificant error, and would simply move all in.
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