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5NL 6max Zoom, trips vs river overbet-shove

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  • 5NL 6max Zoom, trips vs river overbet-shove

    I have no idea how villain plays because smth went wrong with my HUD today, should prolly just find solution because still have week on my trial. Anyway, here is the hand. Should bet more OTT i think, smth like 0.75-0.85 maybe but i am just getting used to 5 tabling zoom so maybe i should work on that. Villain just overshoves river and i wonder how often he will not have a hand that beats us? Is his range polarized? Because i dont see him doing this ever with like medium this is just basically boat, quads or busted straight draw(more likely vs psycho maniac).

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    Bet sizing looks a little out.

    Postflop and turn should been 2/3 the pot which would made the hand play a bit easier for you.

    As for the overshove on the river i would of snap called. There are only 2 hands that have you beat A-10 and 6-6, and personally of the view that it was a busted draw or maybe A-x.


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      Originally posted by Ormosity View Post
      Bet sizing looks a little out.
      Yes bet sizing is off, i should bet 3/4 because there are two villains probably drawing so i should charge them if they want to draw making it unprofitable for them.
      As i asked and what i think is that with this overbet his range is polarized, although i am not really sure how often it could be like that on this board texture. Does it depend on board textures at all?


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        Snap call river. Bet bigger ott.


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          Hi Johnnie,
          In my opinion this is a really ugly spot, and very player dependent. I agree with those who say you should bet bigger for value. If he was a decent player, he would put you on a full house and know he can not bluff you out of it in my opinion, so i think he wouldnt raise that much deep stacked with less than an ace himself, and if he happens to have it, you re only choppin, except for AT. And at best, you re calling $10 aprox, to win $8.Your hand for me looks like at best an ace, and his line looks like at worst a naked ace . If he is a crazy player, which there are lots, you can call i guess. So you should be relying on your reads on this one and folding if you think you are against a fairly good player.
          I also like to add, that if i was put in this spot, i would call, because i can not process all this thoughts
          in real hand time :$


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            Hi CrazYJohnnie

            You are both really deep stacked in this hand, but I think we can be happy calling the river shove. If the villain was a strong reg and flopped two pair with A10 or a set with 66, he will raise the flop most of the time here, especially with two opponents in he hand. This would be to protect against the draws. Also, because your ep range contains a lot of aces which increases the likelyhood that you will continue with the hand. Thus, he is raising the flop for value as well. Therefore, it is less likely that he has one of these two hands.

            On draw heavy boards like this you want to bet more than 50%. I would suggest about 70% on the flop and perhaps a bit larger on the turn.

            On the river, you will most likely be splitting the pot, but I would expect to win the pot outright moreoften than losing to 66 or A10.

            GL and have fun at the tables!

            Roland GTX



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