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10NL Deep 6Max - bet sizing in MW pot.

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  • 10NL Deep 6Max - bet sizing in MW pot.

    CO Villain (593 hands): 23/18, AF: 1.93, Fold to 3Bet: 62%, 4Bet Preflop: 0/27, Fold to Flop CBet: 43%. SB Villain (192): 74/7 The main Villain in the CO is a reg who I had been playing with across 4 or 5 different tables. He's called my 3Bets with stuff like K5o and 54s. I've shown up with a river raise bluff and have bullied him off a couple of hands in the past. Preflop I 3Bet fairly large because the SB was a fish and felt that he might easily call and the CO would be aware that I might try to isolate him pretty wide. What do you think of my flop bet sizing? I didn't want to scare everyone off with a massive bet but at the same time wanted to get decent value from flush draws and Jx. Sadly the whale folds but I turn the nuts. What is the best way of extracting value? Should I just shove? Bet a "normal" size like $8? Bet small to make it look like I don't like the A? Whilst I was thinking about what to do, I was spending a fair bit of time, which may or may not provide some sort of timing tell, but I was multi-tabling so this might not be an issue.

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    I would check turn and shove river.


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      I dont play very good and never played this game, but i think he can have a lot of hands that call a turn bet, and for what you say he is the kind of player that likes to especulate, so i would charge his draws with a $8-$10 bet. If he doesnt have a strong hand, i doubt you can extract more than 2 streets of value, so i prefer to bet here, to get call by all draws, all 2 pair, all AX, and some JX. But thats just me, maybe some better player can think deeper.

      Tell us how did it go
      Good Luck!


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        I think the flop bet sizing is ok, but I would prefer a bit more like 4.50, cause of the pretty wet board and the fullstacked villains and it also holds the small advantage of making a turn shove look less scary if you get more money in OTF.

        OTT I would always bet, mainly to get value from any draws and pair + draw hands and its also a good barrel card for our range, so a check would look a bit suspicious here. The only reason you might wanna think about checking here is, if the villain is very likely to float you light since of his tendencies and game dynamics.

        Sizing OTT is a bit tricky, you can bet really small to leave him the illusion of fold equity (6 bucks) but the problem is that he gets to good of a price with his draws than imo. You can bet some standard size like 8.50 but of course that almost looks as strong as a shove or you can just shove.

        Not sure if I prefer a shove or a standard size like 8.50 OTT, I would probably bet 8.50 though.
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          I would bet flop a little bit smaller against two ($3.50) and then bet something like $6.50 OTT to leave yourself the option to have a bluffing/semibluffing range here. As played I'd check/ship or shove river if he checks back (even hearts, don't think he will have too many flushdraws calling pre + multiway OTF and checking back this turn).
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