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2NL, KK. Bet sizing all in player, pre & post flop?

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  • 2NL, KK. Bet sizing all in player, pre & post flop?

    Hi, my question in this hand is about how much should i 3 bet preflop, if its the correct play. It confuses me that there is an all in player. And again on the flop, should i aim my bet to the side pot, or to the hole?
    Any other thoughts i appreciate!

    Thank you!

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    You are playing for both the side and the main pot with the other full stack so you should be aiming your bet sizing at the total of both.

    Your bet sizing looked fine to me. The caller was probably either set-mining or called with a speculative hand and wouldnt continue unless you made it stupidly cheap.

    I saw you going by a few times, good luck in your games, and leave some of the fish for me!!


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      Thanks bhoy! I play the 2NL Zoom, its really fun , but i still have a lot to learn.
      Good Luck to you too (y)


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        Hi Guido-bomb

        Preflop you are actually 4betting. The shorty 3b. Either way, you want to bet as much as you think V5 will call. I think the best line depends on our notes on the villain. Against some, we might want to flat call in order to keep him in the hand, but without a read I would raise here as you did. Perhaps we could have bet a bit larger like 35c, but your bet is fine.

        The flop is the most important spot in this hand. It is a monotone board and very connected. This really polarizes the villain's range. As bhoylegend mentioned, V5 will be weighted toward pairs and some speculative hands. Unless he flopped a set, this board probably scared him. Since you have the second nut flush draw and a big overpair, I would consider checking the flop. It will rep a weaker hand and can induce V5 to make a mistake by either betting the flop or becoming more willing to call a bet on the turn. Our best hope is that V5 is holding an overpair with a diamond just as you do.

        GL and have fun at the tables!

        Roland GTX


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          Thank you very much Roland! I will aply your thoughts for sure



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