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NL 25 Zoom: How to play QQ from UTG on A high flop

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  • NL 25 Zoom: How to play QQ from UTG on A high flop

    Hi, is there anyway to play this standard situation that does not feel nasty? Only had 19 hands on villain, he looked reggish so far.

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    These spots come up fairly frequently. This isn't an official review but I'll just say what my default plan is.

    When OOP - I Cbet once and give up unless I improve. This has the disdavantage of folding out worse hands and mainly only keeping in better hands, but if you don't CBet, the hand become almost impossible to play well OOP.

    When IP - The hand becomes much easier to play IP and I'd just check back and call either one or two streets depending on how aggressive/laggy the villain is and what the board run out is like.


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      yeah one and done is probably better than double barreling here, not much upside for a second barrel on this dry A high board.


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        Well he definitely has A in his range there i spose this is pretty standard play, probaly not betting turn is also good tho i admit i still do it sometimes. Probably if K or J comes we can double barrel vs medium pairs in his range but if he doesnt fold turn then i would mostly x/f river.


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          Hi Bald,

          I usually take lines to exploit any reads I have, but obv with 19 hands we don't have any yet. C-betting is tricky because we can't get better hands to fold, nor worse ones to call much really. The worse hands that do call, like a KJ or 98 that floats us for some reason, will probably bet turn when we check. Double barreling isn't great as well since his range will be ace heavy when he continues on the flop.

          An alternative is to simply check/call flop in these spots (without reads). You can protect your check/call range by including some Ax hands in it like A9 and sometimes even AK, which if you're balanced here villains won't really be able to exploit you by barreling off any time you c/c the flop.
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            I usualy bet once 10% of my made hands top range below TP (so I would bet with JJ, KT, and chek with QT and lover) and call on turn. Here he must call with worser like 77,88,99,JJ T9,JTs, QTs, KJs so its bet for value.

            Anyway I paying two stakes below what do I know.
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