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5NL 6max - Flop nut straight, did I need to shove on x/r turn?

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  • 5NL 6max - Flop nut straight, did I need to shove on x/r turn?


    Another review note: Did I need to be so aggressive on the turn when villain x/r, I just shipped it? NO read Zoom game.

    Tweet note:
    Slow play nut flop, lol villain x/r turn but 2 flush broad ways? 3bet close it down? at table "Donati" ($0.02/$0.05)

    Funny, thought I saw a typo: 2 flush "board"?

    No, two higher connecting suited cards made 2 flush draws on the turn.

    I may have a problem with on a scary river? Do we push or call and let the river fall?

    Looking at this again in review here. It looks bad as there aren't many combos. So should call and get the rest on the river?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Mon Feb 10, 2014, 06:59 AM. Reason: made 2 flush on the turn / zoom game

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    Hi ForrestFive!

    Calling preflop is fine, but this is a spot where we can also consider 3b.

    You get a great flop. I strongly suggest raising now. Firstly, the board is very top heavy which polarizes the villain's range. If the villain has a low pair or low sc, they probably aren't putting any more money in the pot after you call the c-bet. If they like the board though, this looks like a spot where they may overplay Ax, 2p and some drawing hands in a blind vs blind spot. We have the nuts now, but don't want to see another diamond. Moreover, we don't want to see a Q or J because we will often end up splitting the pot. Therefore, I would raise the flop and build the pot now.

    As played, I like your shove on the turn both for protection and value. We don't want to get bluffed into folding the best hand if a club or diamond comes on the river.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      I agree with the first part of Roland's reply. The ultimate goal in a no limit game is to stack your
      opponent when you have the nuts or near nuts. This mostly happens when they have a very strong second best hand. on this flopped board texture there are many hands that will lose a stack. AK AT KT might all get in on a 3bet. They will all at least call and then find it hard to fold your shove or near shove on the turn.
      Other hands like AQ and AJ will usually call w top pair and a gutshot. And Roland is right, hands that
      missed this flop are not putting any more money in anyway, so calling, instead of reraising, just loses value.
      Your opponents play on the turn looks a lot like a two pair hand (AQ seems likely) but because you didn't reraise the flop and thus the pot was smaller, he could get away from an obvious J. I don't see you ever getting called by worse when you shove the turn because it SCREAMS J, most good players are folding AK here.
      It might be better to make a smaller raise on the turn, hoping a two pair hand will call.

      when you think about all of the times you (meaning you, me and everyone else) have been stacked on
      flops like this with AK, you will see the value of playing it fast.

      Next time GO FOR IT ALL, don't let the action get killed by cards that scare your opponent

      Good luck, lycowolf



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