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10nl fr AK 3bet or call

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  • 10nl fr AK 3bet or call

    I 4bet here because villain 5 stats are 36/15/8 so I think his 3bet is high. No reads on villain 6 but I think we can rule out AA or KK here with his call. What is the standard 4bet raise here is it x2.5 the 3bet plus 90 for villain 6's call If 1 of the villains 5bet shoves is it an easy fold. If they call do I just play fit or fold on the flop?
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    If you are going to 4b AK do not fold to a 5b jam


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      Like birdayy says, AK is too strong a hand preflop to just turn into a bluff by 4Bet/folding. I think either calling in position or 4Betting are both decent plays, but if you do 4Bet, you've got to be willing to stack off.

      You block AA and KK, so you're most likely to be up against QQ-JJ, or worse hands that just think you're messing around and although you're behind QQ/JJ, you're easily getting the pot odds to call profitably vs a 5Bet jam.



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