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Tough spot after underplaying aq off 0.02/0.05 ZOOM

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  • Tough spot after underplaying aq off 0.02/0.05 ZOOM

    Could you guys analyse this hand please? What do you guys think his range is for reshipping? He's a reg but at first I thought he was button stealing, is he reshipping without a full house? Thanks in advance for help!

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    You got yourself in a nasty spot because you played so passive. There is no telling what kind of hand he has.

    I think he will deffo have lesser hands than AQ in his raise here. The 2nd A reduces the chance you have an ace so if he holds JJ/QQ/KK, it seems a lot better now. But he might do the same with Ax.
    A6, A2, AK are for sure in his range.

    Because of your passive play you have no info at all and you have to fold now imo.

    I would:
    3bet pre.
    cbet Flop, 3bet if he raises


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      Hey Jason,

      your line certainly puts you in the twilight zone on the turn where you never really know what villains true range may be.

      But let's start off pre: I would mostly 3-bet this for value against a min button open. Calling is fine too but tougher to play and you also risk getting multiway action or even getting squeezed out of the pot preflop once BB joins.

      I like the flopline as button can bet this flop as a bluff or with weaker. Same goes for the turn, here I would also just continue by check/calling as check/raising may on the one hand fold out worse while bloating a pot until a point where you risk getting stacks in only against better by the river. I would keep the pot smaller, keep villains range wider and not risk laying down a potential winner for too big of a price.
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        Well, if you thought that button was stealing then you should make 3bet with hand as strong as AQ or am i missing something here?


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          Originally posted by Jason272727 View Post
          He's a reg but at first I thought he was button stealing.
          This is flawed thinking. He might well be button stealing, but he is allowed to get dealt strong hands when he button steals! That's why we talk about ranges in poker. If he steals from the Button 40% of the time, that means he has a lot of weak hands in his range, but he also has premium hands as well!


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            Thanks for feedback

            Thanks for feedback for everyone!
            Yeah, I agree that was probably flawed thinking, I decided not to defend against the flush because I knew he had plenty of c-bet bluffs in his range, I also agree that it was flawed thinking however I played a few hands with him in the past and noticed he does raise light most of the time of the button- but it's true he could have something.
            On the turn, I thought he should start to defend against the draws or just pick up the pot but when he reshoves there I can't see him doing it without a boat- but I looked back after and wondered why he would shove a boat with possible flush draws that would pay him off if they hit- maybe he was just impulsive.

            In the end I put him on AK, which makes sense because he is defending his hands against the draws and still getting value without chasing out potential money.
            But preflop I purposely underplayed this because I thought I would have been trapping him until he 3bet shoved me on the turn.

            Did I have a bad line playing too passively despite the draws? Would it have been better to pot control or defend on flop? What does everyone think?

            Thanks again!



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