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2nl Zoom, Dominated Full House

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  • 2nl Zoom, Dominated Full House

    Hey everyone!

    I'm having trouble getting the re-player to work so I'm just going to type out what happened. Looking for some feedback. I had a weird gut feeling that I was dominated but still couldn't make the lay down. Looking to see what you guys think and if you would chalk it up to a bad beat, or if I should have seen it coming.

    Unknown villan:
    SB: $2.60

    Hero: QcKc
    BB: $2.00



    UTG open raises to 0.04

    Folds to SB. SB raises to 0.14

    Hero BB Calls

    UTG folds

    FLOP: 3c Qh Ac Pot = 0.32

    Villan bets 0.23.
    Hero Calls

    TURN: Qs Pot: 0.78
    Villan Checks
    Hero bets: 0.39
    Villan calls

    RIVER: Kd Pot: 1.56
    Villain shoves remaining 1.85
    Hero calls with 1.24

    Villain Full House Queens full of Aces
    Hero: Full House Queens full of Kings

    Villain wins pot 4.04

    This hand kind of tilted me, because obviously I flopped amazing, the villain just flopped better. Wondering if I should have folded pre-flop or on the river. Also not sure about my turn bet sizing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Unless the villain has a really small 3-bet range like 5% and under I think you can call here. Typically I will give more respect to a squeeze against an utg open but in 2NL lots of players do not have much positional awareness. Your hand is fairly strong but it is ofc dominated by AK, AQ and QQ+ so against an unknown I'd rather just fold and avoid sticky spots - but again you have position so it is much easier for you to play so calling isn't too bad. I would just fold this flop, unless I know villain is really spewy then Im pretty much bluffp-catching. Turn played fine, I would have bet more to get value from AJ/AK. River is a fold imo, AK makes up quite a lot of range and quite possible he tried to trap with AQ or AA on turn. Really don't think he will shove bluff a missed club draw given you have displayed strength by calling flop and betting turn especially on such a connected board.
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      Hi Shane, thanks for posting your hand in the forums!

      In future though, please don't post the results, they make the hand much more difficult to analyse objectively.

      I think your biggest mistake in this hand came preflop. I understand what pocketones is saying that some villains in 2NL aren't positionally aware, but I'm not willing to make marginal calls like this without some reads. FWIW the SB isn't squeezing as nobody called the UTG's original raise.

      The problem with calling with KQ is that the SB's range is likely going to be very strong and the UTG's range could also potentially be strong and your hand could easily be dominated.

      I think calling the flop is best, you have a pair + flush draw, you could easily improve. You've got too strong a hand to fold and if you raise, he's not going to fold AK or AA, you might get to fold out KK but that's it.

      You hit a great turn. I think your bet size is fine as it sets up an easy river shove.

      You have the worst full house possible on the river and while this could easily be an overplayed AK, I think it's very close as to whether you'll have the best hand 30% of the time or not.

      Like I said though, it was the preflop call that led to this very tough decision on later streets in the first place.



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