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2nl Zoom - A5o

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  • 2nl Zoom - A5o

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. Preflop: Sitting with A5o - going for the steal, and villain calls. flop: Bet for value, as I believe in this situation villain could have called preflop with an underpair to this flop (set mining), suited connectors, or could even be floating hoping that I might check, so he can bet with if I check the flop showing weakness. given the statement that I wrote above, it's probably better to check/call this flop so that I can keep all of villain's weaker hands present. By betting I am folding out all of villains weaker hands, and villain is potentially only going to call this flop with a hand that is better than mine - given that the board is dry Turn: I bet again, as this turn card hasn't changed much apart from the fact that if he has a 7 then he has made trips. River: Once villian calls this I decide that a check is in order, as I think that strongly more weighted for him to have an A, and it's possible that weaker hands that he is holding will now possibly check to see a showdown. Cheers, Pullin
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    I prefer having this hand in our check / calling given the board is so dry.

    Given we did cbet flop, i prefer checking turn and betting river. Our range looks too strong if we bet this card.


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      I think you are right birdayy.




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        Hi pullin,

        The flop action can go either way imo. If we are going to have a check/calling range here (which I would personally) then I think it's good to have some weak aces in it for balance so they can't just always assume we don't have it when we check. Betting can be fine as well as villains will expect us to c-bet and rep the ace when we don't have it in this spot. It's the sort of spot I will often adjust based on reads. Like if the BB is a very aggressive and savvy player, then I like to check-call here... this player type rarely has an ace cause they'd 3b us pre blind v blind, so I like letting them bluff. Then after it shows down, the next time I will c-bet it... now they think since I'm not check/calling I am just repping the ace and I'll get floated and bluff raised more. All just an example, with no reads I'm indifferent here tbh but my default will be to check/call

        Turn: Seems hard to get value from many worse hands, and if I knew the guy was a floater I'd check to allow him to complete his float and bet (which I'd call). Absent reads bet/fold is probably better, but I wish we'd gone check/bet instead of bet/bet or bet/check.

        River: I tend to agree, don't see how we get 3 streets from worse hands here unless he is stubborn and has specifically a Q (QT/QJ/KQ)... and all those hands don't call 2 barrels all the time, so check is fine. And I would call a bet, as all flopped draws missed, he might bet Ax which we chop with, and he might bet KQ or JT for unknown reasons sometimes as well.
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