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    Taking a break from Zoom now, and returning to regular tables and the old table selecting. How do you select the best tables when the pool of players are almost unknown? You go for the % of players in pot? The table with the biggest pot sizes?

    I remember a few years ago seeing a video of cardrunners saying to choose the tables were players are fully stacked to get the most value. I used to do that back then. Now, i think it's a big mistake. My method (at the micros):

    1- I hunt for the odd stacks and get position on them. 85% of the players playing a odd stack is playing one table and having fun. But don't go for round numbers, as usually this is a regular short-stack and auto-re-buying to that odd amount. You need position on only one odd stack to make that table profitable.

    2- I filter tables so that they show me tables with 1 or 2 seats open. That way i'm avoiding waiting lists and in no time i have all my tables up and going.

    3- When playing 5NL or higher, i think it's a good investment to pay for Table Tracker. It's only 3 buy ins a month (5NL). You get a nice little filter that shows tables with the less players multitabling, so you can easily find recreational players. Also, you have the buddy list and you can see how many tables everyone is playing (no hiding from search with table tracker) witch is always nice to take a note.

    4- I keep constantly table selecting. Sometimes it takes my focus on the poker. I'll have to work on that.

    You find any sense in my method? Feel free to criticize and please share some tips.

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    You approach looks good to me MrFlopes, but I am usually on Zoom.

    I only play regular tables when working on my shot taking level. Then I do as you do in point 1. I look for the smallish stacks as an indication of a weak player and try to get position on them. Then I spend the whole session getting into hands against that fish. Sometimes I have to start three or four tables before finding a table I am want to stay on.

    If I am multitabling levels I can comfotably beat like during milestone hands, then I go for deep stacks and high avg pot size. I dont care where I sit. I just assume I am the best player at the table until I see something to indicate otherwize.



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      I like that concept were you play Zoom and do the shot on a regular table. That is very smart. I'm gonna steal that.


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        Steal away! The extra time to build up reads on regular tables makes the transition to the next level much easier imo.


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          My table selecting revolves around single tablers. I sort the lobby by number of players seeing flop, ignore the ones with huge waiting lists, and work down the list searching for tables with at least a couple of single tablers. Some I will already have marked as fish, others I will have to open the table and do a player search to find out. A table full of unknowns playing with odd small stacksizes is always a good prospect.

          Another option I am increasingly turning to at 5nl is to just start my own tables. Fish hate waiting lists, so, especially at busy times, new tables fill up fast, first with fish, then with regs chasing the fish.


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            I set filter to 20bb+ average pot, 30%+ vpip (I do 6-max) and then organize lobby by number of players waiting so its zero on top and I just wait up to snag a great table when lobby refreshes as these tables are usually really soft and often really hard to get with a ton of people queuing. I dont see the point of joining if there is already more than 1 person in queue as a 6max table will change a lot with just one player leaving (who will often be a fish busting out), personally I am always first in line or not joining at all. Also, I will be more inclined to join a table if there are more unknowns as all the regs I have notes on and label yellow, or if they are well balanced, orange. Green are fish and red are spewy.


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              Table starting mith be good option.



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