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AKs OP in a 3bet pot

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  • AKs OP in a 3bet pot

    Ok so V4 has only been sitting at this table for 15 hands and has not played one. My fist question is about PF, I feel the right move was just to call the 3bet rather than 4betting. Seconded should I have lead out here? I felt as I hit TPTK it would be a good spot to take the initiative. But the more I think about it am I folding out all hands I bet Finally should I have called the shove? When playing the hand it only made sense that V4 had AA, KK or maybe AK so I folded. What sort of hands do you think they might have here?

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    Get it in pre.


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      4bet him to 30-40c for value and stack of it off facing a 5-bet, as his 3bet defend range will be very wide and you dont want to play oop without initiative. You want to build a large pot with AK and taking initiative makes it easier for you to play postflop. On the flop given you flatted, I would probably opt for a check-raise allowing him to cbet bluffs, price him on draws and stack off his worse pairs. Lots of players at these stakes are really cally and can easily call you with a 7 or 9. Facing that reraise I would just stack it, top pair top kicker is too strong to fold vs an unknown in 2NL in a blind battle, there are many worse hands he will stack with.
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        Hi Michae2005,

        I think we made two mistakes in this hand. 1. We did not 4bet; calling a 3bet with AK will be hard to play postflop when we miss which is going to happen 70% of the time. When we 4bet we can win the pot uncontested or we get to go to SD with strong equity. 2. I would x/c this flop as played because we want villain to either bluff or bet with a hand we beat. We saw the flop with a SPR of ~4 so after we bet the flop I think we have to call off here.



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