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J9s in sb vs Raise and Call from MP/CO 10NL Zoom

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  • J9s in sb vs Raise and Call from MP/CO 10NL Zoom

    This is a hand I played a few nights ago, thought it would make an interesting one for me to have analysed, as its certainly a pre-flop hand that isn't at the top of my range. Original raiser is 13/13 2.0 Ag over 16 hands. Caller is 23/10 2.0 Ag over 39 hands. The BB doesnt really feature too much in the hand but I elected to call because he is loose passive pre and is not going to be squeezing without a big hand. I elected to call, I have suited one gapper, and as I think the BB will overcall we have ok odds I think. First question, would this be a hand to squeeze with rather than call with? I flop a gut shot, original raiser cbets and the CO calls again, I think my call was loose here, but if I hit then it's not the most obvious straight in the world. The cbet is possibly just a auto-bet but when the CO calls he has something in my estimation. Pair, two pair, set or maybe a straight draw. The BB goes away. Fold flop? Turn, I hit my card, I elected to lead out here for fear that it would check through. Their stats didnt lead my to believe they were very aggressive and I could be certain another bet was coming. What line is best for the turn, as played?

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    Hi bhoy!

    I personally don't like those calls from the SB; I think there will be much better hands to defend our SB with, I also think calling this hand from the BB also is not that great but I might be more tempted to call because I have better odds and I'm last to act. I think this kind of holding has reverse implied odds and we won't be flopping well as much as we like. I think JTs has alot more benefit because when overs hit the board we have some equity. Obviously we are not playing for TP especially OOP. So I think I prefer folding pre here.

    OTF, its a kind of board we can x/r I think. We don't have too much equity with a gutshot and backdoor flush to play our hand passively but we could perhaps realize some fold equity by x/r. By x/r-ing we are trying to represent a set which I think makes alot of sense as TT,22,77 are in our range. We won't get folds from overpairs but we might get folds from weak Tx, overcards, and underpairs. As played, I like the turn lead for the same reason you mentioned. Hands with SD value might check back but can call.



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