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2nl zoom 6 hard to believe in floped boat

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  • 2nl zoom 6 hard to believe in floped boat

    I was denying all reason of logic by playing this hand till end. and when i hit a card I wanna see on river it's not enough

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    Too bad you don't have any reads, that would help.

    Firstly I don't really understand the flop check, I think we want to be continuation betting here. The short stack shoving all in for 3.3x the size of the pot is probably a J or draw, and we block a lot of the draws, so I'd expect him to have Jx a lot. The SB cold calling this big bet is concerning. I don't think we should necessarily expect JJ or 66 but they are possible. 6x and the nut flush draw are also possible. Then again, maybe he's got AJ and the same read on the shorty that I do. If we had c-bet, gotten shoved, and he cold called it would be more scary imo as us not c-betting makes it look like we don't have a pair and he may call V1 lighter now.

    If we are going to fold, the flop is the time, and I'm not sure I would with 2 overs and the flush draw. His turn bet sizing doesn't rule out AJ/KJ/QJ/JT/J9 and we have straight outs now too then on the river he's only got $1 left and enough non full houses for us to put the money in I think.
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