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2nl Zoom - KK

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  • 2nl Zoom - KK

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. Preflop: Standard to make this sort of raise. Made 4x + limpers bets Postflop: Board not great for me. Since he limped (which could be anything) I assumed that this has hit his range (suited connectors, pocket pairs). However, this is a flop where I should definitely cbet for value - he could have anything at this point. Turn: A blank card in my eyes. So bet for value again. He could have flush draws, suited connectors, or an overpair such as TT, QQ, AQ. Although QQ beats me I think this pretty much the same as the flop. River: Now this is where I didn't know what to do. The Ace hits and I am thinking Ax flush draws ow have a better hand than me. But I decided to bet and bet smaller because, I would have hated to check this river and allow villain to bluff. I am really unsure but the river. Much help appreciated. Cheers, Pullin He had QcJc
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    I like the way you played this hand.
    The bet OTT could be a little larger maybe 45-50 but thats about it. The thin value bet on the river is well played imo.


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      Nice river bet. Most 2nl players would miss value.


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        Hi pullin,

        I agree, well played imo. The one thing I'd encourage you to think about is this statement:

        Originally posted by pullin1988 View Post
        I would have hated to check... and allow villain to bluff the river
        If we have reason to believe he will bluff busts when checked to (we don't have a read, so in this hand value betting is better imo), then why would you hate this? We have a hand that beats all bluffs, so against such a player check to induce and happily call their bet.

        We are getting called here by so many worse hands that will simply check down if we don't bet... 99, TT (I assume even most passive players would raise JJ+ on the button) A8, 98, Q9, QT, QcJc.... the list goes on. Good river value bet.
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          Cheers guys,

          Dave: I got scared of the ace, and in the past I would check the river, villain would bet, and I would fold, yet as you have and others know, and I have found out in this hand and others, villains especially at these stakes will call with worse hands. So it would seem that I have lost value in the past.





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