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10NL Zoom 88 flopped set multi-way in 3bet pot

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  • 10NL Zoom 88 flopped set multi-way in 3bet pot

    This is a hand I played last night, towards the very end of a lengthy session, I felt ok with how it played out but I generally take a different line on the flop. I raise 88 from UTG, get 3bet by the button a caller from the blinds, and I feel I have good implied odds to call and flop a set given the small 3bet size and the call. Flop is great, I flop my set, the flop is K high. This hits part of the buttons 3betting range, which I think consists mainly of TT+ and AKs/AKo mainly, though some people appear to 3bet much wider I didnt have enough of a sample here to think he was wildly wide. The caller I think mainly has pairs, broadways. On the flop, it checks round to the button who cbets, the blind calls, and this is where I often go for a raise to start building the pot for myself. I felt if I did so, I would get the parts of their ranges that missed to fold, but if I called that there would be more action. What is the best line to take here? I don't have ultra reliable reads, having recently joined this player pool on a part-time basis. Should I check/raise the flop? Does that smell of being too *****d? The flop is dry, no draws, it stinks of either spew or slowplayed KK/AA and sets. Should I lead out? I don't like that idea as in a 3bet pot I can reasonably expect to get at least a cbet. Check/Call? I am likely ahead, and it potentially keeps the blind in the hand. I've obviously no choice but to get it in on the turn with a misclick in there too. Should have been a reshove.
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    Checkraising flop would look too strong on flop into 2 people imo, you don't want to scare them away and there really isn't that much on this flop you need to protect from.
    Donkbetting flop I don't like so much but if you think it could get you some spaz equity it might work.
    x/c x/c x/r or x/c x/r b/c depending on whether I think both villains would check back river or not, considering they shoved the turn, they made all the choices for you though, life is so easy.
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      Against a very aggressive opponent heads up I would like flat the flop and allow him to fire another barrel on the turn where I check raise, thereby gaining more value from bluffs he would have folded to a checkraise on the flop. Here I believe a check-raise is superior as it is highly likely either bb or bu has a king given flop texture and action and you want to extract max value. If the button has air he isn't going to barrel the turn anyway. Because this is a multiway 3bet pot and the bb just called, we can make this a -2.5x reraise as we can easily get our stacks in by the river with half pot bets now. After flatting the flop I would lead the turn so we do not risk having it checked around.
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        Like how you played it, wouldn't play it any other way really.

        The problem with all active options of leading out or check/raising is they look so incredibly strong multiway. In case BU has AK/AA he is most likely going nowhere anyway and if he has an underpair < K or no hand at all I think you will get more folds given that multiway action from you won't really be considered bluffy on a dry board like this.
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          Thanks guys and Thanks Felix.

          Thankfully, they both had AK, and were both drawing dead on the flop.



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