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50NL 6-Max Zoom: 3b resteal from sb w 109s

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  • 50NL 6-Max Zoom: 3b resteal from sb w 109s

    The btn is 29/19/5 over 45 hands. I'm trying to expand my 3b range from the btn and blinds atm (and taking a shot at 50NL). Here rather than call and be stuck out of position resulting in me folding most flops as I would have done in the past with suited connectors, I opted to 3b vs the btns wide range. This can win the hand for me often by eliciting a fold and it lets me rep a stronger range of hands if I get called. Thus I was able to cbet the A high flop here. Does my line seem sound or is 109s too strong to be 3b with? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    If I am going to defend with T9s I am always 3betting it as we are out of position and do not have initiative, are often making middle pairs with weak kickers which we will have to fold out vs any strong pressure, and draws that we have no idea whether or not we will get paid off if we hit. 3-betting narrows our opponents range and gives us fold equity and just makes our decisions easier postflop. If you had a hand like AK, AQ, KQ and villain steals wide but folds to a lot of 3bets flatting is good as we keep in his dominated range, and we can 3bet weaker hands like suited connectors and small pocket pairs as bluff to resteal a lot of the time as well as be able to play them profitably postflop.


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      I like it Roland, but I think I would 3bet larger 1. my first goal is to get a fold and win the pot preflop; so the bigger the bet the more fold equity I think - I would go to 4.25$ in this case and 2. When we do have a value hand with our balanced 3bet we want to build a bigger pot.



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