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5NL zoom 6max, is my approach correct?

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  • 5NL zoom 6max, is my approach correct?

    Here is a hand I'm not sure I played optimal. Wondering about your oppinions. I do show the hand of the opponant here, which will be explained when I talk about my thoughtproces in this hand. Villain: recreational player VPIP: 46 3B: 9.1 agg 3.3 My thoughprocess: Preflop: As his range is extremely wide from the CO, the QJo seems a rather easy call to see a flop. Flop: Not the best flop but from my experience recreational players either spazz of chips on these coordinated board, or they avoid it. Obviously against a flopped flush, they'll never get away. But as his range is wide he might aswell have missed it completely. I call to spike the nuts or a gutshot to the nut straight. I feel raising and gettting it in here often isnt the best case scenario. Turn: I get probably the best card, as it's easier to get paid from a straight than a 4card flush. I decided to CR here. I expect flushes and QJ to call or raise here again. Also I expect 1pair+ gutshots/straightdraws and 2pairs to call most of the time. And crap TP might also call. Perhaps I should CR a little bigger here, I'm not sure as it might scare away too much of the worse hands. River: I was either thinking of shoving here, but realising most hands might fold as its 1card straight there and a shove would look too strong even against a recreational player. As my mindset was already to shove, I fel I could at least get 2pair curious or TP's to call my small bet. Or to get them to turn all other hansd into bluffs. I felt this would be the most profitable concidering he's rather aggressive. Was this played correctly? Or how would you change the approach? I just can't get away from this hand against such a player.
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    Hi Sentras

    Though we might have a skill edge over our opponent, we lack the positional advantage and we also fall slightly short on our card advantage. So I think calling with QJo here might be too mediocre even against a weaker opponent. If I'm calling with this hand, I'm probably going to be looking at some leaks in their post flop play. With that I think I would x/r this flop with the NFD, gutshot straight draw and a good amount of fold equity. I think I would also raise the turn bigger so that we have a smaller amount by the river to bet the rest.



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