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25NL - AQs in the Blind vs two limps and an isolation raise

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  • 25NL - AQs in the Blind vs two limps and an isolation raise

    UTG open limps and CO over limps behind. I immediately mark both villains as Green for recreational players. BTN who is playing a TAGish, nitty style of 16/14/3 over 1.2K iso raises and I decide to call in the blind with AQs; We have a suited Ace that can play well MW and more importantly with calling we keep the weak opponents in the pot who will show up with dominated Ax hands a good amount of the time. Would you prefer to 3bet instead? We make two pair OTF on a coordinated board. I was thinking of leading this flop but I was not sure what to do if I get raised. So I decided to check and let the BTN bet. Surprisingly, the CO who initially overlimped leads with a half pot bet and the BTN quickly calls. I'm thinking CO has Ax, KJ, KT, QT or something in that area of not strong hands but hands that have connected with the flop. The only strong hand they could have is JT here. I think BTN will not have AA,KK,QQ,AK, or JT here. So more likely AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, or KJ, QJ with a heart. The turn bet and call on a third heart kind of worried me. What your line?

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    I lead flop into the fish and fold to a raise from the reg, i would then x/f the turn as i doubt they both have a pair and a gutter when we have two pair, as played i would lead a blank turn were most likely ahead of BU on the flop and i wanna get value from the fish.


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      Mike kind of put my exact thoughts into as few words as possible haha, can't really add much more.

      I like pre as you can play a multiway pot with this hand and keep the recreational players in the pot. Flop is gin so I like leading to extract value from the two limpers and mostly continue cautiously when called/raised by the BU.

      As played I think we got to fold turn always, we can be beat here in so many ways given the action.
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